SculpSure™ Non-Invasive Fat Reduction is Finally Here!

Do you try to follow a healthy lifestyle, but can’t seem to do anything about stubborn love handles or extra fat on your abdomen? Now, there is an FDA-cleared laser body contouring treatment that can help you reduce fat on specific areas without needing intrusive surgery. Non-invasive SculpSure treatments will allow you to say goodbye to your trouble zones and feel good about your body again!

How Does SculpSure Work

SculpSure uses an innovative, light-based 1060nm wavelength laser to effectively remove unwanted fat from problem areas including the waistline and abdomen. The machine’s four applicators can be placed anywhere on the stomach and flanks to target specific areas of unwanted fat. Laser treatments deliver heat below the surface of the skin to destroy fat cells. SculpSure uses constant cooling technology to increase patient comfort during the laser application. The fat cells are destroyed and naturally eliminated from the body without causing painful side effects or downtime. If you have pinchable fat on the abdomen and waistline, you may be a suitable candidate for SculpSure!

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What to Expect During SculpSure Treatments

Each SculpSure laser fat reduction treatment lasts less than 30 minutes and can be used on multiple areas at the same time. Some patients see results as soon as 6 weeks after treatment, but the best results are usually experienced after 12 weeks. In clinical studies, patients experienced a 24% reduction in fat, though individual results may vary. SculpSure treatments are relatively comfortable- in fact many patients are able to read, check emails, or watch TV during the procedure. Laser body sculpting has few side effects, which may include some mild tenderness, redness, and swelling. Patients are able to return to their normal activities immediately following treatment with no downtime required.


Testimonials from SculpSure Patients

"The procedure was quick and painless. It felt warm, but not uncomfortable. I will definitely come back for more treatments"

- Sherry


"In and out of the office in 30 minutes, slight cramping but no pain."

- Paige


"The treatment was very quick and non-painful, and it was great to be able to go back to work with no down time or side effects."

- Melissa


"What a quick way to lose that belly fat and muffin top, only 25 minutes. A little warm tingling sensation, then coolness."

- Terri
















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