Many women spend a lifetime trying to conceive a child; many spend a lifetime trying to avoid it. Learn about various methods of contraception and which is right for you.

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Birth Control Options Over Age 40

For women over 40, there are a number of birth control options.


Choosing a Contraceptive

Choosing a method of birth control is a highly personal decision, based on individual preferences, medical history, lifestyle, and other factors.



The diaphragm is a barrier method of contraception. It is a ring-shaped device that fits inside the vagina and covers the cervix.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception may be used immediately after unprotected intercourse, and up to 72 hours beyond.


Female Condom

The female condom is one of several barrier-type contraceptive methods available for use by women.


Intrauterine Device (IUD)

The intrauterine device is an implantable device that is inserted into the uterus. Small doses of a particular substance are released into the uterus, blocking the sperm from entering the fallopian tubes and thus preventing pregnancy.


Natural Family Planning

Natural family planning uses a variety of methods that seek to prevent pregnancy by either avoiding intercourse around the time of ovulation or using knowledge of the time of ovulation to use other methods such as condoms, diaphragms, or spermicides.


Oral Contraceptives (Birth Control Pills)

Despite their widespread use, many people have developed a number of misconceptions about the use and safety of oral contraceptives.



Spermicides are chemicals that reduce the risk of pregnancy by killing the sperm before they can reach the egg.

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