Gynecological Procedures

Today's woman is more active - physically, socially and professionally - than ever before. In addition to taking care of the kids, the house and her career, today's woman takes care of herself by staying abreast of the latest health information.


Everything concerning general women's health including cancer, menopause, infertility, sexuality and more is right here at your fingertips. Investigate common conditions and treatments, learn about risk factors and discover the most effective preventive measures.


Get the facts about a variety of contraception methods.

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Female sterilization is also known as a "tubal," or having your tubes tied. During female sterilization (a "tubal"), the tubes are blocked so that the egg and sperm cannot meet.

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Use our library to research infertility, investigate what works and what won't, review the latest surgical procedures, clinical techniques and engaging emotional strategies employed by frustrated couples.

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Occasionally, medical conditions can cause difficulty in achieving a satisfying sex life. Learn about the causes of sexual dysfunction and other issues that can affect your sexual enjoyment.

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Explore information on issues facing women of menopausal age and learn about treatment options including hormone replacement therapy.

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Screening Tests

Screening tests are used to determine if a health problem is forming or already exists. Examples include: mammograms, Pap smears, and blood tests for gestational diabetes. Catch possible health problems early by having regular checkups!

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Cancer is a frightening word to even the strongest woman. Learn more about cancers particular to women and their treatment in this area.

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