Stages of Pregnancy

First Trimester

Whether you have been trying to conceive for a while, or your pregnancy comes as a bit of a surprise, now is the time to plan for the months to come. The first trimester is usually the most difficult for Moms-to-be. Check out the following articles for information on health and hazards during the first trimester.

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Second Trimester

The first trimester hurdle has been successfully cleared and you are now entering a phase of increasing awareness. During the second trimester you will start to feel your baby's movements, hear its heartbeat, and see the amazing growth by ultrasound.


Third Trimester

You are in the homestretch! Your baby is almost fully developed and is now busy gaining weight to increase its chances of survival outside the womb. Baby's activity is a lot stronger and he or she will soon be ready to make a personal appearance. Read up on gestational diabetes, which could develop during this trimester, as well as other articles on third trimester conditions.

Labor and Delivery

Its show time! You may feel some discomfort when the baby moves into birth position, but it will not be long until labor begins. Pretty soon you will be holding your baby in your arms. Read more about how to distinguish true labor from false labor, as well as what to expect during delivery.

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