Why Is My Sex Drive Low

The first thing you should know if you are struggling with a low sex drive is that it is really normal. Many women struggle with their sex drive for many reasons, sometimes for clinical or hormonal reasons and sometimes based on environmental factors. Whatever the cause, the team at Women’s Health Specialists would encourage you to be kind to yourself, don’t judge yourself harshly, and talk to your gynecologist to see if there are any helpful solutions! 

Female Sexual Desire Is Different

Most of us know this, but it’s a good thing to remember every once in a while: a women’s sex drive works differently than a man’s. When a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction or other sexual problem, often (though not always!), the solution is a simple blue pill that has been on the market and widely available for years. 

What many couples wouldn’t give for such a simple solution for female desire! But in many ways, the fluctuating nature of a women’s libido shows just how beautifully complex our bodies are, and it can be empowering to know that there are many potential solutions! 

Keep reading to learn more about some possible causes and solutions to a low sex drive for women. But don’t forget to speak to your gynecologist before making any assumptions. It’s always better to get a professional opinion to help make sure you are on the right track.

Barriers to a Better Sex Drive


One of the biggest causes of low sex drive is due to medication. Ironically, birth control is often one of the culprits, and can be frustrating for a couple to navigate. This is when it is important to discuss your options with your gynecologist to see if there are other birth control methods that are safe for you with less inconvenient side effects. 

Health Environment

Are you struggling to sleep well at night? Eat healthy food regularly, or drink enough water? How about working out on a regular basis? As much as we hate to say it, taking care of your body can be a major factor when it comes to sex drive. Healthy practices can help regulate your hormones, improve organ and brain function, and just help your body feel better in general which is always a boost to the libido. 

Don’t discount small efforts toward a healthier lifestyle to help you feel better. Keep a water bottle close to your desk while you work, take a short walk after lunch, and add some protein to your breakfast are just a few quick tips that can have great results. Keeping your phone away from your bedroom has been known to improve your quality of sleep, and might also give you more time to focus on your sweetheart. Start small, and keep track of changes and improvements over time to see if they make any noticeable difference.

Why Is My Sex Drive LowStress

Stress is an enormous factor when it comes to your sex drive and should not be taken lightly. When you are trying to connect with your partner but can’t turn off the buzzing in the back of your mind or are distracted from trying to check off your mental to-do list, it’s almost impossible to get in the mood. 

Many women who are professionals and/or mothers find it difficult to manage all the tasks of life and keep their sex drive high. This isn’t your fault at all, and you should start discussing solutions with your partner and your doctor to help you manage your stress. 

You might need more support with child-raising or household tasks; you need more breaks and vacations; you might simply need some alone time to connect with yourself and your desires. If you are struggling with chronic anxiety or depression, talk to your doctor about treatment options that might help with chemical or hormonal imbalances. Some of these medications can have an impact on libido as well, so be sure to mention that when discussing with your doctor, but always prioritize your mental and emotional wellness first. 


If you are pregnant, have recently given birth, or are approaching menopause, don’t be surprised if you see a dip in your sexual desire. These big events are part of a women’s hormonal lifecycle that can impact desire and have many other physical changes as well. Some women see smaller shifts in their desire throughout the month as their menstrual cycle affects their hormone levels. Overall, know that your hormones have a huge role in your desire, and women’s bodies are based on monthly cycles and also lifecycles that shift and change all of the time. 

If you notice a marked dip in your usual libido, this could be based on a hormonal factor that your doctor should know about to help you address any health challenges that might be related to it. In short, keep your doctor in the loop, and try to be patient with yourself as you acknowledge that your body was made to change and adjust all the time.

Something Else–Consult Your Doctor!

At the end of the day, you know your body best. If something seems off and your libido levels are worrisome to you, it is definitely time to have a conversation with your gynecologist. While it might be one of the less serious causes above, it also can be caused by something more life-threatening happening in your body, and your drop in libido is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong. 

The doctors at Women’s Health Specialists advise you to trust your intuition and come in for an appointment, but don’t expect the worst. There is still so much that modern science is learning about the way that women’s bodies work, so there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic. We suggest arriving with a thorough list of symptoms and concerns to discuss with your doctor and waiting to see what they uncover through testing and other means. 

Why Is My Sex Drive LowWe Are Here to Care For You!

We hope that this list was helpful in encouraging you to normalize your changing libido and also to determine when to come to discuss things with your doctor. At Women’s Health Specialists, we are ready to make an appointment for you to come in and see one of our eight medical professionals who can help assist you with your sex drive concerns. Call our Germantown office to schedule an appointment, and we hope to see you soon!